Quickbooks 2019 is IN.

Quickbooks 2019 is IN.
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Finally after a long wait, Quickbooks 2019 has been released on the 17 September 2018.  This year, the Quickbooks desktop engineers have done a lot of work to improve the functionality and the workflow. Mentioned below are the major changes:

1: Moving the file to a different computer made simple:

Transferring the company file from one computer to the other is now a simple process.  A new option under File-Utilities has been added by the name of “move quickbooks to another computer” and it will guide you to move your file from the old computer to the new one. It is a great feature for people who are not that tech savvy.


2: Online backup enhancement:

It is a great benefit for people using Intuit Data protect as a backup feature. The new messaging feature has been enhanced making it easier for customers to set up and have their data file backed up. The backup status also shows up on the right hand side of the screen along with a hyperlink to start the backup feature.

3: Data condense is lot easier:

This is a completely new feature in Quickbooks 2019 wherein you get 2 options to condense the file. You have the choice to either remove the Audit trail and keep all the history or remove certain transactions removing the history.

4: New changes have been made in IIF file Import:

Even though IIF import has been used extensively with QuickBooks Desktop, it has a history of file corruption resulting from improperly structured IIF files, formatting errors and a lack of error checking by QuickBooks during the import process. New to QuickBooks Desktop 2019, there is an improved IIF Import Functionality that provides SDK verification and validation routines during data import.

5: Sick time warning:

Quickbooks 2019 has been developed with a new feature wherein you get a warning message if  your employee uses too much of sick time, this feature helps in decreasing the chances of human errors. (this feature is available for active payroll users only)

6: Invoice history:

This is a new feature and it gives a lot of flexibility to check the invoice details. This feature allows you to check the invoice creation date, invoice email date,  viewed, payment & deposit date in one click. Quite a handy new tool.

7: Credits transfer for Customers and Jobs:

This is a huge time saver, this features allows you to apply credit Memos across all Jobs for a customer.

8:Check to Pay Bill:

This feature works when a client writes checks and bypasses the pay bill part of QuickBooks. QuickBooks will prompt and guide to link the check with an open bill if you are trying to write a check instead of bill payment check.

9: Quickbooks upgrade has been simplified:

You will be able to check this feature once Quickbooks 2020 is released. This feature enables you to search your old intuit account during upgrade and doesn’t let you create a new intuit account which was a great mess in the past.

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Quickbooks data recovery


Hope you guys will love the new Quickbooks 2019 and if you think i have missed something, please let me know using the comment section. Hope you make the best out of Quickbooks 2019. Click here to visit our store.




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How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.
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We all know how important our data can be specially when it comes to business data. Data backup and data recovery are important parts of running a business. We should realize three things quickly: all computer systems crash, all humans error, and disasters happen when least expected or when we are not prepared for it.

In the article I am going to show you how you can backup your Quickbooks Desktop data online for free. There are multiple free tools to do that, however, I would suggest you to use Google drive or Onedrive (Outlook) as  it is widely used  due to ease of access. The screenshots that I have used is for Onedrive (outlook) but the same can be done  with Google drive as well. You can accomplish the goal of backing up your quickbooks desktop data online in two different steps. First getting up the Onedrive or Google drive:  Two:  Scheduling auto backup from Quickbooks desktop.

Setting up Onedrive

1: Create an Outlook account, Click here to create one.

2: Download one drive and install it. Once installed you will see Onedrive folder on file explorer as shown below

Onedrive 1 1024x543 - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

By default you will have Picture, Document and Public folder but my suggestion is to create a dedicated folder for Quickbooks backups as shown in the picture.

That’s it. Now that we are done with stage one, lets move to stage two.


Scheduling Auto backup from Quickbooks Desktop.

Things to remember before scheduling auto-back from Quickbooks desktop.

a: If you have multiple Quickbooks file, then you need to individually open every file and schedule the backup for it.

b: make sure the time that you select for autoback to happen during that time your computer should be powered on or else it will skip that backup.

image 8443313 12868155 - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.



Scheduled backups
  • Go to the File menu and click create copy or  Backup Company to open the backup wizard.
  • Once open select Local Backup and click on Options
  • On Backup Option screen click on browse and select the backup folder under OneDrive that you have created and click on OK as shown on the picture.

    QB Backup 1024x535 - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

    quickbooks backup

  • On the next screen Click Only schedule future backups and then click Next.
  • In the Backup on a schedule section of the window click New.
  • Enter a Description for your scheduled backup. This name appears in your list of scheduled backups so you can easily find it later.
  • Click Browse and select the same backup folder under OneDrive.
  • Optionally, click the checkbox to Number of backups copies to keep and enter a number in the field provided.
  • Click Store Password to open the Store Windows Password window and enter the requested Windows login information. Be sure the login you enter has Windows permission for the location you’ve selected for the backup.
  • Select the time, weekly frequency, and day(s) for the backup to take place. For example, if you want to run your backups daily, select every day of the week and run the task every “1” week.
  • Click OK to return to the previous window. The backup appears in the list in the Backup on a schedule section of the window.
  • Click Finish to close the wizard.

Here you have successfully accomplished the task. Quickbooks will now automatically backup the file on the Onedrive folder as per the instruction and when your Onedrive syncs it saves a copy of the backup file on the cloud server and if you ever need those file simply login to your OneDrive account from anywhere or any computer in the world where you have the backup file. However, the limit on Onedrive or Google drive is 5GB which is enough to keep at-least 3 to 4 months Quickbooks data depending on the size. And in case you need more space, you can check out some paid backup service with some excellent features. Below mentioned are some amazing backup service providers:

1: IDrive  : is the most preferred online backup service provider. It also has a free plan in which you get 5 gb of free space and you get two different plans as well, Personal and Business which you can choose as per your requirements.  Apart from Cloud backup it also provides Data recovery service, Click here to know more about it.

2: Backblaze :  has been one of the top names in online backup for several years and has over 30 billion customers. Blackblaze offers 30 days trial period and the paid plan starts with $5 a month with loads of cool features.

3: Paragon Backup : Paragon has the solution for everyone weather you are a home user, micro, medium, or enterprises company. It has products for all category, they are cost effective and reliable.

4: Acronis :  is one of the best-looking online backup services and it’s arguably the most full-featured. Acronis True Image is expensive and complicated, but it offers a wide range of options and features for hard-core PC users.

authorized reseller - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

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Error Code: 80029c4a Description:Error loading type library/DLL

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Quickbooks Data recovery - Error Code: 80029c4a Description:Error loading type library/DLL

Quickbooks Data recovery

Quickbooks file repair - Error Code: 80029c4a Description:Error loading type library/DLL


Have you ever encountered this error on Quickbooks Desktop?

Error Code: 80029c4a Description:Error loading type library/DLL while trying to open your company file?

In this article i am going to discuss why its happening and how to identify the point of failure and the fix for it.

first we need to identify if the problem is with the Quickbooks Software or your Quickbooks Company file, In order to check that try opening a sample company file. If the sample file opens fine it clearly means that the problem area is your quickbooks company file and you might have to restore a good backup copy or send it for recovery.  A data file can be damaged because of multiple reasons like power failure, incorrect multi-user setup, human error and many more.

And ff you are getting the same error while opening a sample file as well it means that the problem area is your Quickbooks Software and there could be couple is fixes for it.

Solution 1:

The first step would be to update your quickbooks to the latest release. Again there are two ways to update quickbooks, Automatic & manual. I would suggest to go for the manual update.  Click here to get the latest updates for Quickbooks .


Solution 2:

An antivirus can also be a point of failure, disable your antivirus and check if you are able to open your quickbooks successfully or not because at times antivirus software treats some quickbooks components as virus and tries to block then. If disabling your antivirus helps then configure it with Quickbooks allowing full access.


Solution 3:

Repair or reinstall your quickbooks. At times repair and reinstall do work but if you really want to save some time then go for a clean install of quickbooks which is a guaranteed fix where in the problem area is the software itself.


Following the above troubleshooting steps religiously will surely resolve your issue.


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The user is already logged into the company file. If possible try logging in using a different username

The user is already logged into the company file. If possible try logging in using a different username
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Ever came across this error?

QB Desktop attempt log in with the user name failed - The user is already logged into the company file. If possible try logging in using a different username

The user is already logged into the company file. If possible try logging in using a different username

There can be multiple reasons for QuickBooks to generate this error. Digging down the error this time I found something completely different, new culprit which was causing the problem.

In this particular case it was Quickbooks Premier 2017 on a multi-user environment with QBW files on the server ( Server 2008) with QB Database Server Manager running and 3 computers (two with windows 10 and one with windows 8)

The situation was when a user closes out of QuickBooks and when they try to log back into the same company file again they get the error “The attempt to log in with username “username” failed. The user is already logged into the company file. If possible try logging in using a different username.” Restarting the Server or the QB Database Server Manager allows them to log back in but this happens each time a user logs into a company file and we can’t just restart the server all the time.

I did all the basic troubleshooting steps like killing the qbw32 process from the task manager but did not help. The file was clean as no errors were detected while verifying the file. Still went ahead and ran a repair but the problem persists, Thinking it could be a problem with the user list as at times it gets damaged I deleted all the users and created new one but that didn’t help either.

Further digging down found that QuickBooks messenger was causing the problem though the QuickBooks messenger option was disabled on all three workstations.

Finally the FIX for “The user is already logged into the company file. If possible try logging in using a different username”

Browse to C:\Programs Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2017″ folder.  and rename QuickBooksMessaging.exe to QuickBooksMessaging.exe.old.

Did that on all three workstations and haven’t seen that frustrating error since then..

Hope this helps if you are experiencing a very similar issue

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What are quickbooks file extensions

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Has anyone asked you about the type of quickbooks file extention? Most likely this questions must have come from your accountant for a tech support representative. Well a extension is a three- or four-letter abbreviation that signifies the file type. For example, in letter.docx the filename is letter and the extension is docx. or .CSV for Comma separated, variable length file (Open in Excel), .exe for PC Application etc etc In the very same way Quickbooks can open the following file extensions mentioned below.

Quickbooks working file extension for Windows

File extension File type Description
*.QBW QuickBooks Company file The QBW format is associated with Intuit QuickBooks software. It uses QBW files to store financial data, templates, letters, logos, and images for a company.
*.QBB QuickBooks Backup file format QBB files are backups of QBW files which store a companies financial records, templates, logos, letters and images.
*.QBM QuickBooks Portable file Compressed version of the QuickBooks company file. *.QBM files are ideal for sharing because of the smaller file size.
*.QBI QuickBooks Image file The *.QBI file “holds” transactions that have been written until they are posted to the hard drive
*.QBR QuickBooks Report template When you export the template for a memorized report, QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBR extension.
*.DES Layout designer template export file QuickBooks provides a variety of templates that you can use for your forms
*.QBO QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File This type of file contains an electronic bank statement downloaded from a financial institution’s website.
*.INI Initialization File A config log file for QuickBooks.
*.LGB Little Green Box Related to SDK log files for QuickBooks  that contains encrypted information about user names and passwords. It is utilized when an application needs to communicate and connect with QuickBooks (like QuickBooks Point of Sale) while it is unattended or closed. The user name and password stored in this file is utilized to connect with the Sybase server.
*.QWC QuickBooks Web Connector This file contains encrypted information about 3rd party applications integrated with QuickBooks
*.QBP QuickBooks Print file This file stores form settings used by QuickBooks to print the form.
*.WPR.INI Windows Print file This file stores QuickBooks printer settings

Accountants File Extension

File extension File type Description
*.AIF Accountant’s copy Import File Created when Accountant’s copy is exported; to be used for importing into user’s company file
*.QBA QuickBooks Accountant copy working file File used for accountant’s review
*.QBA.TLG Transaction log file for the Accountant’s copy When you back up an accountant’s review copy, QuickBooks starts a log of transactions that you’ve entered since the last time you backed up. In case of accidental loss of data, Intuit Technical Support can use your most recent backup in conjunction with the transaction log file to recover your data
*.QBJ General Journal Entries The .QBJ file can be used to easily incorporate general journal entries creaetd by your accountant into your company file.
*.QBX Accountant’s review copy (export file) Backup made for Accountant’s copy of user’s company file. When Accountant restores this, it is an Accountant’s Copy of the file.
*.QBY Accountant’s copy import file. When your accountant is finished making changes in an Accountant’s Copy, he or she provides you with a .QBY file to be imported into your company file.

Utilities and Log file extension

File extension File type Description
*.AVI Audio Video Interleave A multimedia format that contains both audio and video data in a file. This is used in QuickBooks for “Show Me” files
*.IIF Intuit Interchange Format May be created for importing lists and/or transactions.
*.ND Network Data File A configuration file that allows access to the QuickBooks company file.
*.RTP Used for auto-patch
*.TLG Transaction log file Keeps track of changes to the file since the last backup.
*.WAV Windows sound format Sound Advice files (used in CD versions of QuickBooks)
*.Qbwin.log QB Windows log File is created/updated when a user runs verify and/or rebuild. Logs problems found/situations corrected
*.QBBackup.tmp QB Back temp folders File created during failed online or scheduled backup with date and time stamp. Cannot be used to restore data.
*.Temp1234.qbt File created during pass 1 of rebuild, and deleted automatically when rebuild is completed.
*.QBSDK.log Logs for errors in QuickBooks and other services such as web connectors.
*.QWC.log QB Web Connector log Logs for Web Connector errors and process.
*.SyncManagerLogger.log  Sync Manager log Logs for Sync errors and activities.
*.ECML  Entitlement file Stores installation license, and registration data

Payroll Files Extension (US Only)


File extension Description
*.1PA Files used to create forms 940 and 941 (Quickbooks for Windows 4.0 through QuickBooks 2004)
*.TXT & *.SET Used in QuickPay version 2.0/2.1
Prddesvr.exe, Product.fam, Perwin95.ini, Perrval.dll These files are used for printing 940/941 forms.
Taxtbl.usa Integrated Payroll tax table file

Quickbooks Statement Writer file extension

File extension File type
*.QSM QSW Statement file
*.QSS QSW Appearance file
*.QST QSW Template file

QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager (US Only)

File extension Description
*.Fx0 Compressed FAM data file. Stores asset data
*.Fx1 Stores system data
*.Mx0 Header file
*.FPx Stores report data
*.FXR FAM backup sync log file
*.FIM Stores CSV import data headers

Quickbooks for Mac file extension (US only)

File extension File type/ Description
*.QB2016 QuickBooks 2016 for Mac company data file
*.QB2015 QuickBooks 2015 for Mac company data file
*.QB2014 QuickBooks 2014 for Mac company data file
*.QBB Windows compatible QuickBooks for Mac backup file
*.QBMB QuickBooks for Mac disk backup file (QuickBooks for Mac 2012 and earlier)
*.DMG QuickBooks for Mac 2013 and later use the Apple disk image to create backups
*.plist Preference files that store registration and any preferences set within QuickBooks

Hope this was helpful.

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