How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.
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We all know how important our data can be specially when it comes to business data. Data backup and data recovery are important parts of running a business. We should realize three things quickly: all computer systems crash, all humans error, and disasters happen when least expected or when we are not prepared for it.

In the article I am going to show you how you can backup your Quickbooks Desktop data online for free. There are multiple free tools to do that, however, I would suggest you to use Google drive or Onedrive (Outlook) as  it is widely used  due to ease of access. The screenshots that I have used is for Onedrive (outlook) but the same can be done  with Google drive as well. You can accomplish the goal of backing up your quickbooks desktop data online in two different steps. First getting up the Onedrive or Google drive:  Two:  Scheduling auto backup from Quickbooks desktop.

Setting up Onedrive

1: Create an Outlook account, Click here to create one.

2: Download one drive and install it. Once installed you will see Onedrive folder on file explorer as shown below

Onedrive 1 1024x543 - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

By default you will have Picture, Document and Public folder but my suggestion is to create a dedicated folder for Quickbooks backups as shown in the picture.

That’s it. Now that we are done with stage one, lets move to stage two.


Scheduling Auto backup from Quickbooks Desktop.

Things to remember before scheduling auto-back from Quickbooks desktop.

a: If you have multiple Quickbooks file, then you need to individually open every file and schedule the backup for it.

b: make sure the time that you select for autoback to happen during that time your computer should be powered on or else it will skip that backup.

image 8443313 12868155 - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.



Scheduled backups
  • Go to the File menu and click create copy or  Backup Company to open the backup wizard.
  • Once open select Local Backup and click on Options
  • On Backup Option screen click on browse and select the backup folder under OneDrive that you have created and click on OK as shown on the picture.

    QB Backup 1024x535 - How to backup your Quickbooks Desktop file Online for Free.

    quickbooks backup

  • On the next screen Click Only schedule future backups and then click Next.
  • In the Backup on a schedule section of the window click New.
  • Enter a Description for your scheduled backup. This name appears in your list of scheduled backups so you can easily find it later.
  • Click Browse and select the same backup folder under OneDrive.
  • Optionally, click the checkbox to Number of backups copies to keep and enter a number in the field provided.
  • Click Store Password to open the Store Windows Password window and enter the requested Windows login information. Be sure the login you enter has Windows permission for the location you’ve selected for the backup.
  • Select the time, weekly frequency, and day(s) for the backup to take place. For example, if you want to run your backups daily, select every day of the week and run the task every “1” week.
  • Click OK to return to the previous window. The backup appears in the list in the Backup on a schedule section of the window.
  • Click Finish to close the wizard.

Here you have successfully accomplished the task. Quickbooks will now automatically backup the file on the Onedrive folder as per the instruction and when your Onedrive syncs it saves a copy of the backup file on the cloud server and if you ever need those file simply login to your OneDrive account from anywhere or any computer in the world where you have the backup file. However, the limit on Onedrive or Google drive is 5GB which is enough to keep at-least 3 to 4 months Quickbooks data depending on the size. And in case you need more space, you can check out some paid backup service with some excellent features. Below mentioned are some amazing backup service providers:

1: IDrive  : is the most preferred online backup service provider. It also has a free plan in which you get 5 gb of free space and you get two different plans as well, Personal and Business which you can choose as per your requirements.  Apart from Cloud backup it also provides Data recovery service, Click here to know more about it.

2: Backblaze :  has been one of the top names in online backup for several years and has over 30 billion customers. Blackblaze offers 30 days trial period and the paid plan starts with $5 a month with loads of cool features.

3: Paragon Backup : Paragon has the solution for everyone weather you are a home user, micro, medium, or enterprises company. It has products for all category, they are cost effective and reliable.

4: Acronis :  is one of the best-looking online backup services and it’s arguably the most full-featured. Acronis True Image is expensive and complicated, but it offers a wide range of options and features for hard-core PC users.

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