Shopify Vs Volusion

Shopify Vs Volusion

Shopify Vs Volusion
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               Shopify Vs Volusion

It must be very confusing to choose an online eCommerce store since there are plenty of good options out there in the market. So to make it little simpler for you all I am posting my comparison on two of the most popular and well known eCommerce shop builders in the market – Shopify Vs Volusion. Hopefully the comparison between the two would help you choose the best platform for your business. Do leave us your comments and viewpoints in the comment section at the end of the article in case you enjoyed reading it. Would love to your hear your side of the story.

Background: Shopify Vs Volusion

Shopify was founded in 2006 with their headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They have become one of the fastest growing companies in the world and host over 600,000 online stores and its growing every day.

On the other hand, Volusion has been in business since 1999 and has over 185,000 online stores. They also have an impressive list of customers. Earlier Volusion used to offer two versions of their software; however, they only offer V2 now. V2 is quite simpler and has been designed to get merchants selling quickly.

According to Shopify, their product has been responsible for $46bn in sales, whereas, Volusion’s claim is $28bn.

Both Shopify and Volusion are software that allows you to sell products online. This software have made selling online really easy, all you need to do is build an online store, select a template, upload your products, set the prices and vroom you are ready to start. It’s that simple.

In my opinion, Shopify is great for the first time web store owner as it’s easy to use and offers what you need. Volusion is similarly easy to learn but you might face difficulty in doing few simple things – like reordering the navigation or adding simple ‘About Us’ web page. However, in Shopify you would not face such problem. Also all Shopify plans allow you to add and sell unlimited number of items through your store, while Volusion has a tiered structure (100 products in $29 ‘Personal’ plan & 5,000 products in $79 ‘Professional’ plan), offering unlimited products only on their $299 ‘Business’ Plan and up.

Let’s compare the Pricing first: Shopify Vs Volusion

Volusion offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Volusion Personal: $29 per month
  • Volusion Professional: $79 per month
  • Volusion Business: $299 per month
  • Volusion Prime: price can be customized

Whereas Shopify offers 5 pricing plans:

  • Lite: $9 per month
  • Basic Shopify: $29 per month
  • Shopify: $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify: $299 per month
  • Shopify Plus: pricing varies depending on requirements
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Shopify for free

So with Shopify you can start selling online with as cheap as $9 per month. However, this plan actually doesn’t provide you with a fully functional online store. You can use a “Shopify Button” to sell products online on an existing website. Or else you can use your Facebook page to sell products. You can also use this plan to sell goods offline and use the Shopify back end to manage orders and inventory.

Just like Shopify, Volusion now provides unlimited Bandwidth on all their plans.

Apart from pricing, there are other factors that you need to consider while choosing an e-commerce store for your precious business – one of them being the Themes or Designs.

Themes/Designs: Shopify Vs Volusion

Themes play a very important role in making or breaking a sale. All of us want our store to look the best. So both Volusion and Shopify offer amazing free as well as paid themes that you can choose from and they are responsive too. In this day and age, responsiveness is a must when it comes to any website, let alone a web store. Both Volusion and Shopify themes are of great quality. Shopify provides 10 free themes whereas Volusion has 11.  Shopify has more than 100 paid themes to choose from and the price range is between $100-$180 whereas Volusion has around 38 paid themes and they all cost $180.  Volusion also made sure that 100% of their themes are mobile-responsive. When it comes to choosing a template, Shopify provides a wide range of filters like price, style, industry and more; whereas, Volusion doesn’t provide any filters ( other than ‘free’ or ‘premium’). When it comes to themes Shopify has an edge over Volusion.

Let us look at the Transaction Fee: Shopify Vs Volusion

Both Shopify and Volusion offer credit card rates that improve with each plan. Shopify users have to pay additional transaction fees on top of any credit card processing rates whenever they use a service provider other than Shopify payments. The additional transaction fees range from 2 %( on Shopify Basic) to 0.5 %( on Shopify Advanced). Whereas Volusion users do not have to any transaction fees no matter which credit card processing provider they choose.

Also to note here Shopify Payments doesn’t provide any seller protection and lot of sellers complain about chargeback. Paypal has seller protection. But in order use them on your Shopify store you will have to pay 2% transaction fee which is not there in Volusion.

Apps & Add-On: Shopify Vs Volusion

Both Shopify and Volusion have their own App store to help you improve and increase the functionality of your store. These Apps can help you manage inventory, shipping, bookkeeping, etc and also automate a lot of day-to-day tasks that is required to maintain an e-store.

Shopify offers you more than 1400 Apps while Volusion has about 70 Apps. Also Shopify provides different mobile phone Apps. Even though Volusion has fewer Apps, they have tried to integrate a lot of functionality like marketing, email newsletter and accounting, etc, into their builder, which means you wouldn’t require lot many apps. Also there are hundreds of free apps available in Spopify but only 10 free apps in Volusion.

Dropshipping: Shopify Vs Volusion

Dropshipping is retail method where you do not keep the products you sell in stock. Instead, you take the order; purchase the item from a third party and ship it directly to the customer. So you don’t need to stock or own inventory. In terms of dropshipping, Shopify has plenty of options. There are lots of apps for Shopify to facilitate it, whereas in Volusion, there are just two dropshipping apps: Doba and Kole Import.

Payment Gateways: Shopify Vs Volusion

Both Shopify and Volusion integrate with a large number of payment gateways. Shopify has an advantage here: you can use more than 100 payment gateways with Shopify whereas the number reduces to 50+ with Volusion.

Data sync for Accounting and Audit.

Both Shopify and Volusion sync with most of the commonly used accounting software’s like Billy Accounting software, Accounting Edge Pro, Xero, Sage, Quickbooks Desktop & online, Freshbook, and many more.

Customer Support: Shopify Vs Volusion

Shopify has one of the best customer support systems. There are available 24/7 through the phone, live chat and email. Shopify’s phone support is available from the $29 ‘Basic’ plan and up. They also have a discussion forum where you can post questions and interact with other Shopify users. Volusion also offers 24/7 support through the phone, live chats and email. Volusion’s phone support is available from the $79 ‘Professional’ plan and up. You are more likely to require phone support in Volusion than in Shopify because of their less user-friendly interface. However, there is an option to arrange a callback at a specific time in Volusion. Also, Volusion doesn’t have a discussion forum where you can interact with other entrepreneurs.

Both Shopify and Volusion have their strengths and weaknesses and it depends on you to see which one works better for your business. In my opinion, if you are a newbie and just starting out, less tech savvy, looking for unlimited storage with all plans and want a great e-commerce store then Shopify is the place for you. But if you are tech savvy or web developer and do not want to pay transaction fees then go for Volusion. Although Shopify seems to be the hands-down winner here, it’s usually a good idea to try both products out yourself before committing to one of them. Your personal preference matters the most. Both of them offer great features which will help you to grow your business. If you are serious about growing your business, investing a few hours with each builder is a wise investment. Do give it a try and don’t forget to share your experiences with us. So which platform worked better for you, Shopify or Volusion? Do let us know. We would love to hear your stories. Trial period for Shopify is 14 days and Volusion is for 14 days too.

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